Best Meeting Rooms For Rent In Vaughan: Our Picks For 2024

Professional Meeting Rooms

Imagine heading a company that has remote operations. You pick Vaughan as the place where the company will meet up biannually to review some stats, work together and then maybe go out for a fun dinner or an activity together. For the first part, you’re going to need a meeting room. 

This will be a space that will be furnished just like the meeting room of a conventional office space, albeit with a twist. It won’t actually be in a conventional office, and for the most part, the premises you will be in won’t be a conventional meeting room either. These are our picks for the best meeting rooms for rent in Vaughan you can get in 2024. 

Professional Meeting Rooms

As always, our ranking will take into account plenty of factors, however, some of them have stayed constant. Pricing stays, as well as the amenities that the meeting room rental in Vaughan provides. Some other factors are also in the play now: for one, meeting rooms have to have electronics like projectors on-the-go. You cannot have a meeting room for rent and not offer such crucial electronics as part of the whole package. So, without any further ado, these are the best meeting rooms for rent in Vaughan.

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The best meeting rooms for rent in Vaughan

Starting with the top pick, the best of the best, here are your best choices for a meeting room for rent in Vaughan. Have a company workday there, conduct important business meetings or simply use it as your base of operations. These options will simply give you the most bang for your buck. 

ZEMLAR Offices

ZEMLAR Offices provides one of the best meeting rooms across the greater Toronto area (GTA), and that is evident from their many locations sprawled throughout the big city. However, since the location in question is Vaughan, we’ll walk you through the meeting room that ZEMLAR has in the area. Let’s start with the amenities. ZEMLAR usually knocks it out of the ballpark with their emphasis on amenities, and this meeting is no different. It is filled to the brim with both electronics and other amenities that might be required for a successful day at the meeting room, conducting business and pushing boundaries. Their pricing has always been their best-selling point; with their business model, it’s no wonder their premises tend to be populated by some of the most exclusive clientele throughout their many establishments. And lastly, ZEMLAR gets the top spot because of their strategic location in Vaughan; near the city center and right in the heart of it all. 


Regus meeting rooms are some of the best rental meeting rooms that you can get in Vaughan. Whether it’s a brainstorming session you want happening in the meeting room, or a collaborative space where each and every member of the team has their ideas and creativity down to a T, Regus meeting rooms strike the perfect balance between professional and creative. For those quiet, contemplative moments where concentration and focus are key, Regus meeting rooms can create the required atmosphere. Step into a Regus meeting room and you’re transported to a meeting room corporations wish they had in their offices. On the other hand, Regus also has great payment plans, and you can even book meeting rooms by the hour, making a Regus experience one of convenience. Another great option if you’re looking for meeting rooms for rent in Vaughan. 


At LiquidSpace, the name of the game is creativity and convenience, and that is evident from their meeting rooms in Vaughan. At LiquidSpace, they understand that a meeting is like a machine, with all cogs running perfectly and in harmony for an efficient and productive meeting. Which is why their private and professional meeting rooms boast comfortable furniture, high-speed internet, state-of-the-art presentation facilities like projectors and flatscreen TVs as well as excellent kitchen facilities that make this meeting room simply the best option you can get in Vaughan. Add in the convenience factor and the affordability that LiquidSpace offers, and pretty soon you will understand why it ranks so highly on our list of the best meeting rooms for rent in Vaughan. LiquidSpace offers meeting room rentals on reservations by the month, day and even hour, so you know it is tailored to your requirements. Check them out once in Vaughan to have your meeting in an absolutely amazing meeting room. 


Modern, chic, and designed around the needs of the modern corporate workspace and the modern corporate professional. Flexday offers ‘hours upon hours of focus for your team’ with their custom-designed meeting rooms. Whether you need all hands on deck for a big venture coming ahead, or a quiet room that affords an excellent one-on-one meeting opportunity with a client, Flexday has options that cater to all your needs, no matter how niche they may be. Their meeting rooms have all the amenities one might need when running the show; from projectors to sharp and crisp flatscreen LED TVs, running a meeting at a Flexday meeting room is the easiest and most convenient way to run a meeting. All the while the entire premises is being managed by a professional staff tasked with helping you get the most out of your meeting room time. So, check out Flexday for their meeting room rentals in Vaughan and experience the best. 

Davinci Meeting Rooms

Coming in at the 5th number, we have Davinci Meeting Rooms and their excellent offerings in the meeting room rentals in Vaughan. Their claim to fame is that they provide excellent meeting room services as well as coworking spaces in Vaughan and have some pretty amazing amenities to go along with their excellent pricing as well as location. Their meeting rooms have excellent audiovisual equipment including projectors, flatscreen TVs as well as high-speed internet and lobby greeters that lend an air of professionalism to the meeting room. Host your one-on-ones or complete team meeting with Davinci Meeting Rooms and experience the difference: elevate your meeting room experience with Davinci and conduct meetings with ease, convenience and the amazing services that Davinci has. 

Why go with ZEMLAR Offices?

Zemlar offices

ZEMLAR Offices has the best and most tailor-fit packages for all your office space needs: whether it’s a coworking space for a freelancing individual or a corporation needing flexible meeting room solutions, ZEMLAR has them all. And at great pricing too. The amenities and extras that we provide come at no additional cost, and incredible customization and personalization options mean that you can have your office, your space, exactly the way you like it. If not, the offices are well-appointed, and spaces boast incredible features for you to supercharge your workday with creativity and ambience that simply can’t be beaten.

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