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Professional offices spaces designed with your comfort and productivity in mind. All of our offices include premium amenities, flexible contracts, and highly competitive prices.

A Place to Build and Grow Your Business.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your own business empire.

Because building a meaningful business requires a solid foundation based on productivity and teamwork.

And at ZEMLAR Offices, we work tirelessly to provide you with that very foundation. 

So that you can focus on what matters most to your business, while we take care of the rest.

Designed for Deep Work

We believe that deep, meaningful work comes from uninterrupted focus and clarity. That’s why all of ZEMLAR Offices’ units are private by design and created specifically for focused work. 


As a result, you can spend all your energy on growing, without any of the unnecessary distractions that come with regular open-floor workspaces.

All the Tools You Need

Running a successful business or project isn’t easy. Which is why you need all the extra help you can get.  


At ZEMLAR Offices, we provide you with these necessary amenities required for business growth, at no extra charge:

Access a High Value Network

When you work at a ZEMLAR Offices location, you get access to a network of growing businesses that are in need of a wide range of services. Our office layouts are consciously designed with just the right balance to promote collaboration amongst entrepreneurs, while still protecting your privacy.

A Foundation for Something Bigger

Many small businesses start at ZEMLAR Offices and go on to become bigger businesses. Why?


Because all of our services scale with your operations, meaning that you avoid the growing pains that come with expanding your organization.

The ZEMLAR Offices Difference

See what makes ZEMLAR Offices unique.

More than 7 customizable office styles.

14 different locations across the GTA to work from.

Over 420 satisfied tenants.

A Word from the Wise...

“ZEMLAR has proven to be an ideal partner for us to do so business with. Their location is ideal for our operations, the facilities are impeccable, and the customer service is top-notch. 

We look forward to being here as we grow further and highly recommend the place to any aspiring business that needs a platform to grow from.” 

Gutmann North America

“We are pleased with ZEMLAR offices as a solution to house our international office. The venue is always clean and well serviced, equipped with the latest technology and offers sufficient convenience to our team members. 


A facility like ZEMLAR with its multiple well spread locations is ideal for a hybrid work mode or a full office solution for businesses.”

Second Cup Coffee

“The offices complement our brand and elevate our corporate look without taking away our individuality. Along with the receptionist team being proactive in anticipating rising administrative needs, they take initiatives to go beyond the expected parameters of their job so that our own is a bit easier.”

SA Collective

I have absolutely loved working out of my office at ZEMLAR.  Not only is it bright, modern and functional for me, but all of my clients comment on the space and how remarkable it is.  

They have really made it a point to exceed any expectations and they have always delivered.  

Mind How You Go Massage Wellness

Working with ZEMLAR has been a breath of fresh air. They are professional and reasonable. You don’t feel they are trying to take advantage of the small businessman looking to grow their business. Their office space is clean, modern, and welcoming. They work with you to ensure you are always comfortable and taken care of. 

Recruiting in Motion

“The space in the office is bright and friendly and our staff and clients truly enjoy the environment.”

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